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CORRINNE + ARIC // ethereal Lost Hill Lake adventure wedding

This wedding hit me on another level. From start to finish, Corrinne + Aric filled their day with meaningful intention. Every choice they made was so unique, so purposeful, and so them. There was no stress and no pressure for chasing trends; just introspective confidence in creating a day they’d most enjoy. This kind of […]

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MONICA + BRANDON // earthy + scenic Lost Hill Lake elopement inspiration

Lost Hill Lake is, in my mind, one of the dreamiest wedding destinations in all of St. Louis. It’s greenery and scenic overlooks make it an absolutely beautiful location to find yourself in, and I look forward to shooting there every time I get the opportunity. The only thing that can make a premier photo […]

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hey there!

I call St. Louis home, but, more often than not, I’m on the road, camera in tow. I love to photograph all phases of life, but I’m known for my special talent for authentically capturing couples. After a lifetime of serving as my family’s personal paparazzi, I’ve mastered the art of catching the fleeting glances and laughter between loved ones and turning those moments into memories.

I’m Kara - A traveling photographer in St. Louis on a mission to preserve your sweet moments of life + love.