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CORRINNE + ARIC // ethereal Lost Hill Lake adventure wedding

This wedding hit me on another level. From start to finish, Corrinne + Aric filled their day with meaningful intention. Every choice they made was so unique, so purposeful, and so them. There was no stress and no pressure for chasing trends; just introspective confidence in creating a day they’d most enjoy. This kind of magic is typically no small feat, but when your love story spans an entire decade of life together, it’s second nature.

Early on in our planning conversations, Corrinne + Aric shared a unique vision for how they wanted to start their wedding day together, and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a midwest wedding: a private first look hike. This intimate reprieve was the most important moment of the day in both of their eyes, and knowing the role hiking has in their relationship, I instantly fell in love with the idea too. Many well-meaning voices tried to nudge them towards a more traditional, less strenuous experience, but their commitment to their intentional, shared vision never wavered. I deeply respect them for both following their hearts, and creating something truly meaningful.

And so, eager to adventure, I accompanied Corrinne up through the trees to the top of Thinking Rock (Lost Hill Lake’s gorgeous scenic lookout) where Aric eagerly awaited. Underneath the canopy of leaves, they joyfully shared a first look, and then private vows. Even from afar, snapping candids through the greenery, their pure admiration and laughter came through loud and clear. I’ll admit, even I was fighting back tears through it all! Before joining their loved ones down below, we soaked in the quiet overlook views and took some of the most gorgeous portraits of the day (seriously, you can’t miss them below!!)

After swapping into hiking boots, we made the climb down for a few wedding party shots in Walnut Grove before guests started to arrive for the ceremony – all the while, ‘Concerning Hobbits’ playing in the background to add to the idyllic air. Despite threatening storms in the morning forecast, their ceremony went off without a hitch! It was short, sweet and full of smiles. (Note the overjoyed hug Corrinne + Aric shared once they walked through door at the end of the aisle as proof!!)

With all things official, it was time to party! For dinner Corrinne + Aric opted for family-style tables (a venue first!) to continue their intimate and cozy wedding day vibe. There were speeches, LOTS of laughter, and not a worry anywhere in sight. A quick sneak away to share a few bites of cake and golden hour photos in the grove’s tunnel of lights, then off to dance the night away under the trees. Other than a brief morning storm scare, it was a perfect day with more highlights to possibly count, so I’ll share just a few:

  • Witnessing Corrinne’s excitement upon seeing the path to Aric lined with BUTTERFLIES 🦋(!!!) just before their first look. Mother nature really showed up for these two wildlife lovers in their big moment.

  • Spotting a stack of iconic yellow Ted Drewes frozen custard containers in the dessert spread – a sweet nod to the working days there that first brought them together.

  • The moment I discovered their food menu! As someone who often struggles to find dairy-free options at weddings, I could not get enough of Speed Sprout Spoon‘s vegan-friendly buffet dinner and the delicious (+ gorgeous!) vegan wedding cake Made by Lia!

  • Corrinne’s. Cathedral. Veil. It was a special outfit add just for the ceremony (a great choice to allow her the mobility she wanted throughout the rest of the day) but it was a stunning addition for her walk down the aisle and newlywed pics!

  • Hands down the absolute best soundtrack I’ve heard at a wedding. Aric carefully curated the playlist from ceremony seating through reception and DJ Chris Brown from Spin Society mastered bringing it to life on the dance floor!

And finally, the absolute best of the moment of the day – when Corrinne stopped halfway down the aisle so that Aric could meet her, link arms, and walk into marriage together. That’s the kind of meaningful intention they infused from start to finish, and I’ll forever be in awe of these two for it.

Close up of groom smiling as bride reads private vows from her vow book
Black and white close up of bride's hand holding her vow book tight
Bride and groom hold hands and look onward on top of a large rock perched at the edge of Lost Hill Lake's Thinking Rock scenic overlook
Groom kisses his bride's temple under a canopy of trees on Lost Hill Lake's Thinking Rock scenic overlook
Bride and groom lovingly gaze towards each other, perfectly centered between two trees above the forest top on Thinking Rock at Lost Hill Lake
Wide shot of bride and groom lovingly looking at each other on top of a large rock perched at the edge of Lost Hill Lake's Thinking Rock scenic overlook
Close up shot of bride looking down peacefully as she pulls her grooms smiling at the camera close in by the cheek
Wide shot that features the back of a bride's dress as she faces her groom on top of a large rock perched at the edge of Lost Hill Lake's Thinking Rock scenic overlook
Close up of a bride pulling up her lace wedding dress for her groom in a black suit to kneel and tie her hiking shoes
Cropped shot of a groom tying his hiking shoes while his dress shoes lie out of focus in the foreground
A groom guides his wife by the hand as she looks back towards the camera over her should in a green forest clearing
Wide shot of bride and groom laughing together as they haul their gear and hike along a forest path
Close up of white small wildflowers
Shot of the back of a bride and groom as they descend a hike in the woods at Lost Hill Lake
Full body shot of bride and groom leaning in for a kiss centered in a summer field
Groom centered among his 6 groomsmen as they all candidly laugh together
Groom laughs to his bride off camera walking as his grooms men flank behind
Closeup of centered bride surrounded by her 6 bridesmaids candidly laughing with their bouquets
Full body shot of centered bride surrounded by her 6 bridesmaids candidly laughing with their bouquets
Bride and groom kiss in the center as their wedding party cheers on either side
Bride and groom kissing as their wedding party rushes in from either side for a giant group hug in a walnut grove
Black and white close up of bride and groom smiling as their wedding party surrounds them for a group hug
Bride and groom look happily towards each other in the center as bridesmaids and grooms flank them on both sides
Close up of a rounded top oval mirror sitting outside with text that reads "Welcome to the wedding of Aric and Corrinne"
Establishing shot of rounded top standing mirror sign and photo book table at the entrance to their outdoor ceremony space
Close up of wooden wedding ceremony folding chairs
A microphone stand sits centered in between a wooden rectangular arbor with 2 oversized floral bouquets pinned on either side
Close up of arbor floral arrangement with greenery, peach, orange white and pink wildflowers
Bride and groom dip back for a second kiss at the end of the aisle as they exit
Candid shot from behind of the bride and groom holding each other's backs as they walk through the doors at end of the aisle after their ceremony
Groom lifts bride for a private kiss away beyond the ceremony threshold
Closeup of bride and groom smiling towards each other with cathedral veil blowing towards the edge of the frame
Far shot of bride in long veil holding wildflower bouquet and husbands hand as he guides her through a green tree covered meadow
black and white shot of bride and groom giggling as they hold hands and walk for newlywed photos outside
Full body far shot of bride and groom centered between two tall trees looking out in an editorial pose with dramatic long cathedral veil
Groom hugs his bride from behind and kisses her temple as she smiles in front of a backdrop of tall green foliage
Shot from below, groom hugs his bride from behind and kisses her temple as she smiles in front of a backdrop of tall green foliage
Groom detail closeup of his ring hand holding onto his label, black suit and bowtie and colorful wildflower boutonniere
Headshot of young bald groom in black suit and bowtie with wildflower boutonniere
Full body shot of young bald groom in black suit and bowtie with wildflower boutonniere in secluded grove of greenery
Black and white moody closeup portrait of bride as she holds her long veil with her wedding ring hand
Gold wedding rings in a cream ring box lean against a bouquet of peach, white, pink, and orange wildflowers
Full body shot of young brunette bride in lace wedding dress with a long train and veil with wildflower bouquet in secluded grove of greenery
Wide shot of family-style long wedding dinner tables lined with greenery and wooden folding chairs in an wood-frame open pavilion
Antique red couch sits beneath a hanging floral arrangement at the head table of a outdoor pavilion wedding reception
Aerial shot of bride and grooms dinner place settings or white plates and napkins with hand lettered placecards with pressed dried purple wildflowers set on wood table
End of a long family-style wooden wedding dinner table with golden candlesticks, long taper candles and strand of greenery down the center
Close up of wildflower arrangement
Close up of table seating chart comprised of 3 pages afixed to a standing mirror with dried wildflowers
Guests fill their plat at an outdoor anitpasto bar under a wooden pavilion lined with white curtains
Closeup of an antique 3 tiered serving stand with fresh berries, pineapple and watermelon in an eclectic table setting
Wedding party enthusiastically cheers and dances across the concrete outdoor dance floor into the reception
Father of the groom in black suit and yellow tie reads speech during summer evening reception
Closeup between guests of bride and groom laughing together in response to wedding toast
Desert table close up of antique painted place, blue napkin and vintage colored glasses on white tablecloth in front of an arrangement of wildflowers
Close up of painted pink and green wildflower design on three tier white wedding cake
Three tier white wedding cake with wildflower icing details sit between two floral arrangements on white dessert table
Eclectic and vintage-inspired dinner buffet setup
Close up of a green serving dish with scoops of vegan butter on top of a stack of vintage books in eclectic dinner buffet setup
Wedding party serving themselves in the buffet line
Black and white wide shot of intimate wedding dinner under a pavilion of lined with string lights
Three tier white wedding cake sits on white dessert table in cozy wooden alcove
Bride and groom holding knife together to cut their three tier white wedding cake
Black and white of bride and groom feeding each other bit of wedding cake
Bride and groom dip back into a kiss against a background of string lights in a grove of trees during blue hour
The back of bride and groom walking through a grove back to join their guests at their wedding pavilion
Close up of bride and groom holding hands and swaying during first dance outside during blue hour
Close up of gold wedding rings perched on top of ornate wood carved floral furniture frame
Bride and groom hold hands outstretched during first dance outside during blue hour with string lights twinkling above
Groom holding bride up in a lift kiss under a sea of string lights with their pavilion of guests in the background
Black and white shot of bride and groom laughing and walking off the dancefloor
Slices of cake on white square plates span the white dessert table
Stacks of yellow Ted Drewes frozen custard containers in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry
A wedding guests brings plates of cake to friends sitting at their table
Wedding guests dance on the outdoor dance floor under strands of string lights
Bride and groom dance and laugh together on the dance floor
Black and white wide shot of Lost Hill Lake dance floor filled with wedding guests under the string lights

venue/decor/coordination | Lost Hill Lake Wedding + Events
photo | Kara Hoganson Photography +Design
florals | Urban Buds
hair | Ashley Boren
makeup | Brooke Mulholland (BAM.MUA.LLC)
desserts | Made by Lia (cake) + Ted Drewes
catering | Seed Sprout Spoon (vegan-friendly!)
dress | Grace Loves Lace
suit | The Black Tux
dj | DJ Chris Brown at Spin Society

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