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ALYSSA + DREW // chic downtown St. Louis engagement session

Alyssa + Drew // True Romantics

I like to ask my couples how their friends would describe them when they’re together. A+D said:

Welcoming. And people who show up and go all out.

Having now spent this magic evening with them, I FULLY agree. When they show up for something, they’re all in. The details, the meaning, the ‘mood’ – they embrace and champion each with their whole hearts. Doesn’t matter if it’s a halloween party, a marriage proposal, or a weeknight at home, they’ll find a way to make it the best experience possible. And they’re so freaking friendly and inclusive in welcoming others along for the fun!

I believe this stems from being true romantics through and though. Candlelit dinners with a side of jazz music are an everyday staple in their home. (Though their music tastes are surprisingly vast!) In fact, ‘romantic’ was even their guiding word for how they wanted their engagement photos to feel, and for their upcoming wedding as well.

Chic City Souls

In another life, Alyssa and Drew would probably be living in NYC and always on the move. Or at least that’s their favorite way to travel. Vacation plans revolve around exploring new cities, shopping, and tasting as many different kinds of flavors and cocktails as possible. Italy is a dream destination on their list. And since their next city adventure is always top of mind, capturing that spirit was a given for their engagement session – or at least Part I!

We started at The Last Hotel STL for cocktails in their beautiful lobby bar and instantly fell into a free flow of creative collaboration. Guys, I can not express to you how fun Alyssa and Drew are to be around! And super creative too! They were so open to any idea I threw their way and constantly pitching great ones of their own. In a blink we wiped away all initial fears of being awkward in front of the camera to wandering Wash Ave, effortlessly snapping gems while chatting like it was second nature.

young woman in short satin dress sits on top of hotel cocktail bar as his boyfriend leans across the bar in a sleek gray suit
black and white artsy shot of couples legs interwined while seating on bar stools
candid shot of couple holding hands and walking down a busy downtown street

Pizza With a Side of Lush Views

Had we ended in the city, we’d have already achieved a gallery bursting with new fave photos. But ‘sophisticated city souls’ is just one small facet of Alyssa and Drew’s dynamic personalities. They also really enjoy cozy and slow living; nights cuddled up together on their couch, surrounded by a seasonal candle, string lights and books they keep meaning to read. An intimate evening with their closest friends-turned-family. Spontaneous picnics in the park to fully get lost in the world – and so queues Part II!

In an overlooked valley on the outskirts of Forest Park, we settled in for our own private summer send-off with pizza from their favorite local spot, Pie Guy. And as a rare treat, enjoyed experimenting with a nostalgic direct flash look Alyssa and Drew really love. I think you’ll agree the results were pretty magical!

young man in white tshirt and dark denim jacket and woman in chunky green sweater with jeans lay on their backs in the grass with eyes closed as if daydreaming
waist down shot of two pairs of legs in long pants, high socks and boots casually laying in lush grass
couple walking down a grassy hill arms extending toward the other to hold hands
couple embracing in front of a romantic full willow tree on the edge of a large pond
direct flash shot of a women laying on her side over her boyfriend's extended leg as he sits up behind her on a grassy hill
cute cozy couple share a slice of pizza together lady-and-the-tramp style

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