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JENNY + RYAN // cozy fall South City + Tower Grove Park engagement

The Days of Jenny + Ryan

My favorite answer on the engagement session quiz I gave to Jenny and Ryan was in response to the simple question: How long you have you been together?

“1,003 days or 972 days. Depending on who you ask.”

I’ve never seen that answer submitted in ‘days’ before, but I think it speaks volumes. Jenny + Ryan clearly don’t take their time together for granted. They’re thankful every day that they’ve found their person.

The Journey to Together: A Fateful Swipe Right

Like many folks today, Jenny was over online dating apps and was ready to swear off them entirely. The process of swiping, messaging and going on awkward first dates can be exhausting and sometimes you just need a break. But with a bit of persistent encouraging from her older sister to give ONE more date a try, she picked up her phone and cautiously swiped right.

Meanwhile, across town and brand new to the dating app scene, Ryan made a swipe of his own and created plans to go on his very first ‘app’ date at Urban Chestnut Brewery in the Grove. And that date, 1,003 or 972+ days ago, was the night Ryan met Jenny. He hit it out of the ballpark on his first try. (And needless to say, their Urban Chestnut origins needed to make an appearance in their session!)

Warm Fall Memories that Feel Like Home

We started our engagement hang together in Tower Grove Park, capitalizing on warm summer-like weather and peak fall colors. We were immensely blessed by both! For Jenny and Ryan, Tower Grove park has been the destination of many long walks and lazy afternoon, so it’s a special place that feels like home for them both. And thanks to the park’s wide range of diverse spaces and landscaping we were able to create pictures that almost appear to span all seasons of life there! Scrolling through you’ll feel ‘summer’ optimism in by the willow blend into moody fall moments along the enchanted stone bridge.

blank and white shot of young couple embracing and smiling toward the camera
far wide image across the water to a couple sharing a bench together on the other side of the water's edge in Tower Grove Park
yellow autumn leaves strewn about the grass with the center leaf rolled up slipped through large rectangle diamond engagement ring
couple slow dancing in a park filled with yellow fall trees and fallen yellow leaves on the ground
woman in floral dress, cardigan and fashion hat laughs with her classic sweatered boyfriend in a park
wide shot of a couple on the left side of the frame laughing and walking together through a peak fall park scene
far wide shot of a couple facing each other and holding each other close in the center of a small stone bridge in front of a rainbow of colorful trees

J+R’s South City Charm

After our upbeat stroll through Tower Grove, we made our way to Jenny and Ryan’s shared home in the cozy brick-centric rows of South City. There we pick up the final member of their trio – their dog Gracie – for a walk around their neighborhood. Simple walks like these are just one of the many small routines they’re really enjoying about this phase of life, and that’s reason enough to preserve it in stills. Someday in the future they may be called to move away from this charming spot they love, or crazy schedules may limit free ‘walking’ time, but now they’ll be able to revisit today’s simple joy whenever they please. How fall colored their little block. Walks together with the pup. Watching life unfold from the porch of their favorite first home. Ryan’s smile, Jenny’s eyes, and all the other small details they love about their days together so much. All 1,003 of them counting.

side shot of couple walking their dog on a leash on the sidewalk of a classic St. Louis South City-style neighborhood  with small unique brick homes
young couple stops mid-neighborhood walk to pet their smiling dog
black and white of young couple leaning in close and smiling towards the camera while seated on curb
black and white shot of young woman peacfully resting on her boyfriends knee as he rest his head on hers while sitting on porch steps

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