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HAILEY + KLAYTON // funky + playful downtown Kirkwood, Taco Bell engagement session

How I’ve haven’t shared this session yet is mind-blowing. The second I got home from this first in-person hang with Hailey + Klayton I was cloud nine obsessed!! Not only was my creative cup filled (correction: overflowing) during this shoot, but we had the MOST fun too. Five minutes in I knew that we’d leave as friends.

When we first started brainstorming ideas for this engagement session, Hailey came prepared. Pinterest ideas, outfit questions, the works! Her enthusiasm made planning this whole shoot even more fun. She and Klayton both love taking pictures and were so excited to plan something unique + conceptual. That incorporated their shared love for Taco Bell. Um, speak no further, I’m SO there.

We started off our session at Taco Bell to warm up and grab snacks and props for our adventure ahead. It was nonstop back-and-forth of ideas and fun banter. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much during a session!

We decided to give the employees a break from our giddiness and wander around the charming streets of downtown Kirkwood on the way to our next foodie destination: Clementine’s Ice Cream. Is there anything sweeter than a summer ice cream engagement session? Not when these two, and this iconic Kirkwood location is involved! We cheers’ed cones, bonded over love of European travel and enjoyed a warm summer evening as the sun went down.

After sunset we came full circle, and finished our Taco Bell date night fun with some funky flash photos after dark! It may sound strange but I actually loved that we returned to shoot here twice. Each visit had a different feel, both in both tone and style. I even made sure to add a bit of a ‘film’ feel in editing our night shots to help add to the summer nostalgia they were hoping to bottle up in their gallery. I feel like we succeeded that in spades!

If this makes you ‘crave’ a Taco Bell adventure of your own, you’re not alone! Unique engagement sessions are my absolute fave. I love taking a special part of someone’s world and capturing them in it! These images are so Klayton + Hailey, and that’s what really makes them great.

Luckily for me my time with these two didn’t end here! A few months later I got to witness their sweet boho-inspired wedding and capture it all in photos. (Click here to take a peek!) If you’re planning a boho wedding too, be sure to save this as inspo!

We did indeed end the night as friends and, I’m happy to share, that the love affair continues. 🖤

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