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HAILEY + KLAYTON // fun + funky fall boho wedding in St. Louis

Gif of newly wed couple in front of a neon sign and pantone background

I’ll admit it up front: I’m obsessed with these two. Have been since the start. Since my very first Zoom call with Hailey I knew we were a dream fit on all accounts, and after a year of photo adventures together, culminating in their wedding celebration, it couldn’t be more true. So excuse me as I gush over my two newest clients-turned-friends here….

Hailey and Klayton are infectious joy personified. They’ve never met a stranger and instantly light up a room when they walk in. They are endlessly sweet to their friends, and even more so to each other, even after 5 years together. They’re the kind of couple who’s first date lasted nearly a whole day, and they’ve never looked back. Needless to say, I could write a novel about all of the ways in which this pair shines, but I’ll skip to the reason you’re here: their best day.

Hailey and Klayton’s November wedding could have passed more for winter than it did fall, but inside the atmosphere they created was warm as can be. When I first arrived at their venue, my jaw hit the floor upon seeing all the impeccable details that stood before me. Any bride looking for gorgeous boho wedding decor and color inspiration should skip Pinterest all together and just take cues from their pics below – pampas grass, earthy terracotta tones, and retro touches galore!

But beyond the on-point aesthetic, the day was filled with beautiful emotion as well. One of my favorite moments was watching Klayton’s face as Hailey walked down the aisle. Without a first look, it was the first time seeing each other all day and the love on their faces was so evident. From there on out, the rest of their ceremony was pure fun. As much as I was sad that they changed their initial unity ceremony idea of creating a baked potato together, (Hailey, I’m still rooting for that at your vow renewal some day!) where they landed was equally as unique, and admittedly much more impactful. Instead they started a time capsule that they’ll open on their 10 year wedding anniversary. In the middle of their ceremony, they whipped out Klayton’s wedding gift to Hailey, a digital/film hybrid camera and took a selfie together at their altar as their first contribution to put inside.

After enthusiastically saying ‘I do!’ it was on to family pictures and time to brave the bitter cold outside. Their incredible wedding party crew deserves endless props here. We were all numb in our fingers and toes, and you never would have known it in the pictures. Everyone was so supportive and more than happy to be do whatever they could to show their love for Hailey and Klayton. It was a great testament to the community they’ve nurtured around them.

Right as they were turning into newlywed popsicles we headed inside and danced the night away. And indulged in the world’s most delectable dessert wall/table I’ve maybe ever seen. The Blue Owl Bakery really outdid themselves on spread, especially their donuts!

Oh! I almost forgot, another sweet detail of their day: immediately following their first and special dances, they invited Hailey’s parents to recreate their own first dance and song. How sweet is that?!

Hailey + Klayton – You already know how much I just adore you both. I feel so lucky to have found each other and to have shared this past year together. I know this is the only beginning of this love affair 💜

Wedding detail shot including salmon stationary, engagement rings, and shoes
"In loving memory" table at wedding reception featuring photos of lost loved ones
white guest sign-in book at wedding reception
Wedding cake spatula featuring the phrase "just married"
white and gold wedding cake with pink flowers on a wooden table
Decorative charm on wedding flowers
Bride in white shaw holding flowers
Wedding day program
Groom practicing vows before wedding ceremony
Bride reading vows from small white book
Groom reading wedding vows from small brown book
Signature drink sign sitting on wooden slab with large feathers
Wooden beam chandelier with string lights
Bride and groom eating wedding cake and laughing
Custom "I do" forks and wedding cake slice

venue | Silo Point at Brookdale Farms
photo | Kara Hoganson: Photography + Design
video/DJ | Complete Weddings + Events
florals | Wildflowers STL
decor/rentals | Blushing Lilies Design Co.
dessert | The Blue Owl Bakery
dress | The Ultimate Bride
HMUA | Little Blue Pin

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