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MARC + PAIGE // gorgeous gothic wedding at the Thaxton speakeasy

Of all the non-traditional wedding magic I’ve captured, these two reign supreme. 🙌 I’ve had the privilege of shooting their wedding twice now (yes, you read that right) and each time was I was blown away by their effortless ability to create an atmosphere that was 100% unique to them. It’s something many modern couples […]

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hey there!

I call St. Louis home, but, more often than not, I’m on the road, camera in tow. I love to photograph all phases of life, but I’m known for my special talent for authentically capturing couples. After a lifetime of serving as my family’s personal paparazzi, I’ve mastered the art of catching the fleeting glances and laughter between loved ones and turning those moments into memories.

I’m Kara - A traveling photographer in St. Louis on a mission to preserve your sweet moments of life + love.