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MARC + PAIGE // a spontaneous and sweet St. Louis elopement

The most unique elopement I ever shot, was planned in just SEVEN DAYS. This is that story.

Paige wanted an expedited ceremony to include her mother in her nursing home. In less than a week, Marc and Paige’s circle of family and friends rallied to coordinate with nursing home staff, order flowers, find a dress (and hire me!) to create the MOST special celebration of love.

I think most couples would would feel a little anxiety over the rushed nature of it all, but Marc and Paige thrived in the casualness of it all. To them it was the freedom to take the day as it came and be grounded in the present. Honestly their whole approach to the day was inspiring to witness.

We gathered at the heart of the home in an indoor pavilion. The vows were short, sweet, and met with the most supportive cheers from the handful of loved ones inside. As Marc’s entire support network are back home in Australia, it was a beautiful act of one family fully embracing another. They’re planning a larger reception in the fall, and having witnessed the level of love from this one side, I can’t even imagine how special that day will be.

My favorite part of the day was Marc’s outfit change after the ceremony. He shed his dress shirt and put on his trademark leather jacket and red sunglasses. Throughout the newlywed pictures they were fully in their own styles and looked effortless cool doing it. We snuck away from the group for few photos outside and can just see the ‘just-married’ joy in their faces.

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