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MICAH + TYLER // barefoot + carefree Oahu, Hawaii quiet beach engagement session

When I first connected with Micah and Tyler we immediately bonded over a shared love for a particular beach on the west side of Oahu. I won’t share the name of this specific beach here out of respect for keeping it accessible for locals. But during our initial brainstorming session for dreamy sunrise photo locations, I made the suggestion to check out one of my favorite beaches. As soon as I made the recommendation I got a laughing reaction for Tyler. As it turns out this was the very same beach that he had proposed to Micah on just a few months prior. What are the odds! This happy coincidence made the setting an even more special photo destination due to this importance in their lives.

On the day of their session, we were greeted with stormy clouds. However, this passing storm did not deter us and as you scroll through the photos you can see the clouds slowly melt away into sunshine before your eyes – a good reminder to embrace weather as it comes because ultimately their gallery was so much richer for it! I don’t know how we ended up getting lucky enough to experience such a wide variety of atmospheres in such a short time. We were able to capture a mix of moody island stillness, and the warm Hawaii glow, all in one engagements session. 

Let me tell you that these two were a ball to shoot! Micah and Tyler were both confident in front of the camera and had no shortage of creative ideas to collaborate on. They even treated me to a personal concert by breaking out their killer dance moves (it’s one of their favorite things to do together at home).

The best part of the day was when, after a little coaxing, I got them to step a bit outside their comfort zone and get a few shots together in the water. Let me tell you results were TO DIE FOR! Don’t believe me? Check out some of my favorites below. I showed them a sneak peek of a few of these shots on the back of my camera before we parted ways for the day and they couldn’t contain themselves. I felt so grateful they got in, and they felt so grateful that I asked.

To Micah and Tyler thank you both for allowing me to capture your love on this very special Hawaiian beach, and EXTRA thank you for being so adventurous and getting a little wet for the camera!

Couple standing on the beach with a mountain in the background in Hawaii.
Couple standing on the beach holding arms in Hawaii.
Couple staring at the horizon on the beach in Hawaii.
Couple posing in front of ocean in Hawaii.
Man kissing girls hand on a beach.
Couple relaxing on a beach against tree.
Couple Sitting on a Hawaiian beach.
Couple walking along a beautiful beach in Hawaii.
Couple walking along a tropical beach in Hawaii.
Couple holding hands on a tropical beach.
Couple embracing on the beach with a mossy green cliff in the background.
Couple dancing on the beach.
Couple dancing on a tropical beach.
Couple on a tropical beach embracing.
Couple hugging on a tropical beach.
Couple with heads next to each other on sand.
Couple kissing on a tropical beach in hawaii.
Young engaged couple on a tropical beach
Young engaged couple in surf on the beach.
Young engaged couple in surf on a tropical beach.
Young engaged couple in surf on the beach kissing.
Young engaged couple in surf on the beach kissig.

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