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HANNAH + ALANA // infectiously sweet golden hour historic St. Louis park engagement

Some couples just exude undeniable charm. Hannah and Alana are one of those couples. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we scheduled their engagement session during a trip when they were back in town in St. Louis visiting family. It was the first time we met each other and person but it felt like reconnecting with old friends, eager to catch up on what’s new in life.

Let me just say, our initial Zoom hang definitely did NOT prepare me for how cool these two are. Like effortlessly funny and infectiously sweet kind of cool. I think I laughed more during this session than I took pictures – and I’m known for taking A LOT of pictures!

Speaking of which, we planned to take theirs around Tower Grove Park, which proved to be the perfect blend of beauty and meaning. You see, Hannah and Alana met a few years back while they were both living in St. Louis working for the same company. While they were dating this park was a fave, and boy did it show up for up them on this warm autumn night. Flowers all in bloom and the most golden sunset light streamed through the trees. It was the perfect atmosphere for them to dance slow dance together like they do together back home to their favorite country songs in their kitchen. (Seriously, peep those dances moves! We broke them out a couple times over the course of the night and now I can’t wait to see their first dance come their wedding next May. You know it’s going to be epic!)

I have to note, this engagement session wasn’t sponsored by Truly Hard Seltzer, but Hannah + Alana’s wedding might be! These two are huge Truly super fans and even brought a few to use as props in their photos. If you have a similar love for a particular beverage, I highly recommend incorporating it into your session as well! You’ll see it adds a unique personal touch to photos and puts you in the mindset of an laidback everyday hang. Their eyes lit up when I asked if I could borrow Alana’s ring to around the tab, and honestly it’s one of my favorite shots from the night!

Or the one of them running down the middle of the street, beaming with joy.

Or the one where they’re busting into uncontrollable laughter in front of Tower Grove Park’s iconic floral lined entrance gates.

Oh! And when their walking hand in hand and can’t take their eyes off each other even when they’re completely surrounded by the most breath-taking sea of green.

Screw it, there’s just no narrowing down the goodness that overflowed from these two together.

In summary, these two jumped right into their session without skipping a beat, bantering with each other and constantly bursting into giggles. I’m not 100% sure, but if you pressed me I’d say that I don’t think I had to prompt them kiss even once – they’re both more than head over heels with each other to initiate that one their own. Beyond that, it’s clear these two are soulmate material.

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