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ARIANA + GARRETT // sweet summer night stroll around downtown Clayton, MO

Where to begin with these two! We met while we were both temporarily living and working in Manhattan Kansas and they were great friends to have in a town that felt quite far from home. After I had moved back to St. Louis, Garrett was also relocated, and luckily the roadtrip to their new home crossed right through the gateway to the west, just in time to celebrate a special milestone: adding a third member to their family!

These don’t look like your typical maternity photos and that’s the intention. They were taken pre-bump, as way of capturing Ariana and Garrett in this special phase of they’re sharing just as a duo. Beyond their wedding photos, they had never invested in high quality photos of their life as married couple and I was so happy I could be the one to help capture them now, living into their vows in their everyday forms. Leaning on each other for support. Laughing at each other’s sense of humor. Reminiscing on how lucky they feel to have married their best friend

The meaning and intention behind this shoot was truly beautiful.

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