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YEAR IN REVIEW // best of 2023 wedding + elopements

a spontaneous elopement on the Cliffs of Moher
jumping into frame as an honorary bridesmaid
&& celebrating multiple ‘decade’ love stories

My goodness…this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to compile a ‘best of’ memory box and it’s been quite the task to embark on! Trying to narrow down an entire year’s worth of wedding celebrations into one manageable-sized post of top favorites proved to be tough. My goal when I set out was to aim for 100 images and I think I landed closer to 230!

But through this process, I continually found myself filled with immense gratitude. Gratitude that in our vast world where ‘everyone knows a photographer’, (especially in a more photog-saturated city like STL) this particular handful of couples somehow made their way through the countless options, websites and social feeds and found me. (what?!) The laid-back, genuinely sweet folks I dream of serving. Each of us we’re looking for the perfect fit to create magic with, and we found each other. It’s incredible honestly.

2023 was my most successful year on paper, but I feel it in these photos as well. This year was truly about growth and improving my client experience from the inside out: Prioritizing storytelling, encouraging intention, and leaving space for organic moments to unfold. I dove headfirst into this whole new approach and fell into the most welcoming, excited arms. The photos below are a celebration of some of my favorite, more candid moments that bloomed as result.

Whether you’re one of this year’s couples stopping by to reminisce, or a future friend who may one day find yourself included, I hope you enjoy this labor of love. 🤍

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