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NANCY + DENVER // earthy + warm engagement adventure in the woods

It’s not often that I tell an engagement story for a couple outside of one of my wedding collections, but it’s so fun when I get the opportunity to do so!

Nancy and Denver were engaged for just two short weeks before reaching out to me to celebrate in photos, and I was so impressed with how quickly they’re diving into all. Theirs is a head first, all-in kind of love. Is there any better way to be?

Although these two are planning to get married in Nashville with a photographer they know, they also needed someone local to their home in St. Louis for an engagement session. How lucky for me!

When looking for someone to tell their story, they fell in love with my greenery-heavy style and were eager for recommendations on places with a “lost woods” kind of feel. I directed them to one of my favorite local forest hideaways that offers both a ton of privacy (It’s not very well known) and plant maturity. (It feels like whimsical old grove) They fell in love too!

Like most of my couples, Nancy and Denver, had limited experience being professionally photographed prior to time together. They’re both introverts – sameeeee friend – and were a bit shy at the start. But, with a little coaching and encouragement, they became more and more comfortable until they were practically posing themselves! It’s always fun to see couples confidence’s grow throughout a session. And one of the many reasons picking the right photographer fit is such an important decision. You should ensure that you and your photographer not only have similar visual styles, but also vibe on a more personal level. Personality fit is KEY. Your photographer is your biggest cheerleader’s and should be pumping you up through the entire session whether that be a wedding, engagement, our some “just for fun” photos! I pride myself on my ability to do this for my couples, and help make them feel as amazing as they look.

To Nancy and Denver, thank you both very much for allowing me to document your blossoming love. I can’t wait to see the pics from your big day in Nashville!

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