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NICK + SARAH // colorful + candid engagement photos in Lafayette Square

When Sarah’s name popped up in my Instagram message requests, I was slightly surprised. We went to the same high school, but it was of decent size, so we never really crossed paths or got the chance to know each other. In any event, I was curious what she had to say. Curiosity turned back to happy surprise when I discovered she was inquiring with me on her search for her perfect wedding photographer!

As usual I scheduled a little Zoom call to to chat more, but it quickly evolved from on-topic conversation into a long and laughter-filled hang with someone I felt like I had known for years. I left the call feeling bummed that we had run in similar circles for years without meeting, but SO PUMPED for the next year of lives intertwined!

From that point forward, we became fast friends. We chatted at length about life and her sweet history with her boyfriend of 5 years, Nick. Nick also happened to have attended my high school, but was few years older. I laughed when she shared that they first met (from afar) in a high school class they had together, even thou he swears he had never seen her before. What is agreed is that they most definitely worked at the Kirkwood Deli (a well-known local fave) for a few years together, building a friendship that eventually developed into something more. Their story is gradual, sweet, effortless, and silly.

As if I wasn’t already obsessed, their engagement session in Lafayette Park sent me over the edge. St. Louis in October; but you’d never know it. It felt and looked like summer in full bloom. We started the session in front of the Park House. This beautiful 19th century building was the perfect backdrop for the start of our session. The historic red brick and multicolored slate roof tiles mixed with the abundant greenery of the park make for a cozy and intimate feel in this otherwise urban park. It was during this session that I witnessed firsthand how well Nick and Sarah compliment each other. Nick’s quiet sweetness is the perfect counter to Sarah’s bubbly energy.

I love working with couples like these two, who fully trust me, and are enthusiastic to try any idea I throw their way. Nick and Sarah were so laid-back and easy-going, the perfect compliment to my candid style. By the time our session was up, I was already craving more time together and for their wedding day to just hurry up already! 

But until then, I’m just going to have to daydream about the details they’ve shared thus far: An all-in-one ceremony and reception at The Hall at Olive + Oak. Neutral colors with simple white flowers and lots of accent greenery. It sounds like an absolute dream of a wedding to shoot! And with their desire for candid story-telling, I don’t know of any way our aesthetics could match more!

Leaving a few pics here that I’ll just be scrolling through endlessly as I not-so-patiently wait for more “Nick and Sarah” time next April…..

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