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ZACH + EMILY // misty morning scenic Oahu, Hawaii vow renewal

Every photographer knows that one of the highest honors is being entrusted with milestone photos by another photographer. This is even more true when the photographer and her videographer husband are so effortlessly cool, natural, and knowledgeable about what works in front of a camera. That was the story with Zach and Emily, a husband and wife photography and video team from Pennsylvania who I met while in Oahu.

I was fortunate to connect with these two while I was shooting in Hawaii and posted that I had some availability for a few extra sessions during my stay. Emily reached out to say they were also in Hawaii, celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary and would love to hire me for photos of their intimate vow renewal ceremony. Initially this is something they had planned to do in private near the Honolulu Airbnb, but after looking at my work, they were instantly convinced that it would be a great opportunity to capture this important milestone with some timeless photos.

Once we were connected and started chatting, we quickly became bonded over a mutual love for adventure elopements. It became clear to the both of us that we needed to do something in a similar spirit for their session. After some research I discovered a beautiful and secluded hike that would offer the perfect overlook for the two of them to re-exchange their vows. However, I won’t list the name of the trail out of respect for keeping Hawaii preserved.

I met Zach and Emily shortly before sunrise and we started our accent in near darkness. The trail was softly illuminated only by the clear night sky. We reached our destination right as the sun began to rise over the pacific ocean’s horizon. It was one of the most beautiful natural backdrops I have ever seen. Once we began shooting I was immediately struck by Emily and Zach’s deep love and commitment to each other as well as the unique and intimate setting of the ceremony.

It is an amazing experience as as photographer to be invited into a couple’s most special moments. Points in time that will be remembered by a couple for the rest of their lives, only documented by a memory and the photographs we are able to capture together.

Huge kudos to Zach and Emily for trusting me as a guide and cheers to many more years together!

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