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DANI + JOEY // abandoned church fairytale elopement

Abandoned spaces, walls consumed with vines, natural light, and a hint of whimsy: These are some of my favorite things.✨ There is one particular place in St. Louis that has been on my photography bucket list since the beginning of time because it is the most perfect combination of all four elements. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been eyeing this spot, hoping I’d have a reason to shoot there, so I am dancing in my chair right now reliving this session that finally got me there.

Thanks to my beautiful friends who agreed to play dress up with me, we’ve created a little wedding style inspiration for you! I had so much channeling my inner florist to create a bouquet (even though it smelled REAL funky – sorry again Dani…) and designing an elegant wedding invitation to match the scene. All hair, makeup, and styling credit goes to the lovely “bride.” Together we crafted an intimate bohemian elopement straight out of my dreams! If you’re newly engaged and looking at these photos thinking, “This. This is so me” then we would be a great fit – I could shoot this over and over again until the end of time. Enjoy!

Dress: Express | Floral Design: Kara Hoganson: Photography and Design via Trader Joes & Michaels | Invitation Design: Kara Hoganson: Photography and Design | Photography: Kara Hoganson: Photography and Design

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