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CHRISTIAN + SARAH // folksy + sweet Cedar Creek wedding in New Haven, MO

On paper, Sarah and Christian might seem like an odd pair, but upon meeting them, the strength of their relationship becomes crystal clear. I wasn’t sure what to expect when the three of us met to talk through wedding details, but as we discussed everything from their origin story (a blind date set up by her coworker) to the moment they knew each other was ‘the one’, I very quickly fell in love with their love story. It was somewhere between Sarah’s story of how she designed and printed her own wedding invitations and Christian describing his fascination with vacuum cleaners. At the end of the evening one thing was for sure, the wedding for this couple was going to be magical.

When the date came, expectations did not disappoint! Starting with some unexpected weather changes that brought their ceremony inside, Sarah and Christian were dealt a few curve balls throughout the day, but with each occurrence they came together as a team to offer comfort and solutions to get things back on track. Watching each episode of them so gracefully support each other was one of the highlights of the day. Sarah’s enthusiastic willingness (bordering on desire) to get her dress dirty for pictures was another. Once the timeline was back on schedule, we were in for one of the most perfect intimate celebrations ever seen. After a moving ceremony, the night ended with a series of beautiful toasts. The first was a touching love letter from Sarah’s sister cherishing their sibling bond. The second toast, given by Christian’s brother had the entire room bursting at the seams with laughter. But the third and final toast, given by Christian’s daughter Olivia, was the ultimate grand finale. With poise and articulation beyond her years, Olivia slayed the room with her well-crafted speech that left everyone in tears and leaping to their feet in a unanimous standing ovation.

Congrats Sarah and Christian, you deserve all of the happiness in the world!

Ceremony, Reception and Hotel Venue: Cedar Creek | Dress: Maggie Sattoro | Suit: Jos. A Banks | Floral Design: The bride, her mother, sister and aunts | Hair/Makeup: Priscilla Brinkman | Desserts: Eckerts & Pie Oh My! | Photography: Kara Hoganson: Photography and Design

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